LED replacement bulb for 12-volt/125watt quartz halogen bulbs*. Also is an LED equivalent to the AeroFlash bulb commonly installed as an anti-collision light system on experimental aircraft requiring an anti-collision light.  Instantly decrease the current draw from a staggering 9.6amps @ 12vdc to only 1.45amps with this high performance LED bulb.  That is only 15% of the current draw compared to your original bulb while retaining the same illuminance. 

Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Current: 1.45amp @14vdc
Light Color: White

Duty Cycle:  40-60 Flashes/Minute. Not rated for continuous duty. LED must be used with an operational flasher unit. 

Thermal Protection: YES

Polarity: Bi-Polar
Base Style: BA15D (Dual contact, Bayonet)
Dimensions: 1.86"Length x 0.80"Dia
Dimmable: NO
LED equivalent to 12V125W QUARTZ HALOGEN BULBS: #1912, 40-0028, 040-0028 , 40-0010


RFI Disclaimer: Post installation; always test LED retrofits to ensure no adverse interference with radio/communication/navigation equipment is noted before return to service.


100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year limited warranty.

Not FAA/PMA Approved. Intended for use on experimental aircraft only.

*FAQ's/End User Notice

LED Retrofit Bulb for 12VDC Halogen Flashing Beacons

SKU: AL-1912

*When performing light bulb maintenance/replacement wear cut-resistant gloves and safely glasses to minimize risk of injury from broken glass. 


1. Remove lens cover to access bulb.

2. Gently press down on bulb and twist counter-clockwise to remove halogen bulb  (WARNING: may be HOT if recently operated)

3. Insert LED bulb and gently press and twist clockwise to engage tabs on bulb base.


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