Advancements in led technology afford this to be the brightest miniature bayonet base led on the market at 220 lumens, while drawing only 130mA @14vdc. This is our highest output LED Miniature Bayonet Base solution. This is a non-directional bulb, so the light is emitted in 360 degrees. For dimming, this bulb requires a PWM-type dimmer for infinite variability in brightness.

Due to the compact dimensional tolerances, this led can replace virtually all "tubular shape" miniature bayonet (BA9s) base filament bulbs requiring input voltages between 10~30VDC, and is guaranteed the brightest led on the market. 

If you require dimming capability and do not have a PWM-type dimmer, click here


Now available in Bright White, Warm White, Red


Base Type: BA9s (Miniature Bayonet, Single Contact)

Voltage: 10-30VDC 

Current draw: 130mA @ 14vdc, 70mA @ 28vdc

Lumens: 220

Polarity Sensitive: NO

Dimmable: YES: PWM dimmers only

Beam Angle: 360 degrees

Certifications: N/A

Common Uses: Dome Lights, Map Lights, Reading Lights, Eyeball Reading Lights, 

Replaces ANSI bulb codes: 1247, 1414, 1416, 1445, 1495, 1495x, 17053, 1813, 1815, 1816, 182, 1829, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1895, 1895R, 1895A, 216, 293, 356, 363, 3886X, 3893, 57, 6253, 64111, 64113, 64115, 756

GE 1414 (12v) & 1495 (24v) LED Replacement | Extreme Brightness | 10-30vdc

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