SunSetter ULTRA 
High Performance PAR36 Landing & Taxi Bulbs

With well over 8,000 of our SunSetter Series PAR 36 LED Landing & Taxi bulbs now in service around the globe, you can rest assured that we know what you want in a high-performance; yet affordable sealed beam LED replacement lamp for your aircraft. Just like us, you demand guaranteed no excuse fit, aircraft grade components consistent with "big box" brands, extreme brightness, low current draw, no heat, and a design life that will outlive us all. 


Advanced SmarTemp Technology  -  Proprietary  temperature-dependent intensity decrement circuitry. Fly confidently with 3,000 effective lumens lighting your way. Continuously variable current regulation affords you the brightest drop-in led replacement PAR 36 bulb in the market for less that $350.00

 Powdercoated Housing, 8-32 brass screw terminals.

*No-Excuses GUARANTEED fit for all PAR36 Aircraft Fixtures.

USES: Landing, Taxi, Recognition, Anti-collison


LANDING: GE 4505, GE 4509, GE 4313, GE 4591, GE 4594, GE 4595 GE 4596, GE H7604

TAXI: GE 4503, GE 4502, GE 4587, GE 4589, GE 4593, GE 4626, GE 4627




Why Aero-Lites LEDs vs legacy sealed beams? 


Aero-Lites PAR 36 LEDs require less than 1/5th of the power of the filament type lamps that they replace. This significant reduction in current frees up valuable current for your critical Communication and Navigation instruments. FYI, the light output of legacy sealed beams is a function of the input voltage. During low engine RPM conditions (aka: taxi, approach and landing) your charging system may not be able to sustain the required 14 or 28 volts, so your sealed beams are producing much less than the spec'd light output. Our PAR 36 LED's produce the same stable light output at any voltage between 10-30VDC. 



Where Legacy sealed beams may last 100hrs in the most ideal situation, our PAR 36 replacements will likely outlive your aircraft with their average lifespan of 30,000 hours. It doesn't require a mathematician to see how quickly your investment in our LEDs will be realized. Since our LED are not affected by vibration, you will never again have the aggravation and expense of constantly replacing burned out lamps in your cowling-mounted landing light fixtures. 


Aircraft Recognition

Aero-Lites LED PAR 36 replacements are engineered with US engineered, industry-leading  CREE XP-E LED chips. We have selected LED chips with a color temperature of 6,000-6,500 kelvin. This color of light is consistent with that of the sun (imagine looking at the reflection of the Sun on an object like a mirror or glass). This intense brightness is hands-down many times easier to identify ESPECIALLY when it comes to air-to-air aircraft recognition which will lessen the risk of mid-air collisions, runway incursions and even  bird-strikes (birds have tremendous vision and will attempt to avoid aircraft should the see these intensely bright lights. 

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