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About Us

Founded in 2016, Aero-Lites, LLC is a development and distribution company specializing in LED equivalent lighting products to directly replace various commercially available incandescent and halogen miniature light bulbs as well as LED equivalent lighting products to directly replace incandescent and halogen sealed-beam light bulbs. Our catalog comprises LED equivalent light bulbs intended for use in a range of applications including experimental aircraft and aerial vehicles, Marine vessels, industrial controls lighting, off road vehicles, recreational vehicles, automotive applications that do not require DOT certifications and a vast number of applications utilizing low-voltage replaceable miniature and sealed beam light bulbs.

Our company was founded on basic principles that seem to prove common for other successful enterprises... Solve a problem; and do with integrity.

So how do we contribute? The "problem" we encountered that ultimately led to the company we are so proud of today was a simple but unreasonably difficult problem for which to find a remedy.

The question was not, "How many people does it take to change a light bulb?" but rather, "How much time searching the internet does it take before the average person can confidently buy an LED equivalent light bulb that is guaranteed to do what the bulb we wish to replace does, while also getting the quality and performance one expects from the latest technological advancements in lighting." The latter proved difficult for us to do with confidence! We needed to find a source for high quality direct replacement LED light bulbs that were priced as a function of the cost incurred to manufacture (not on a marketing principle they last forever, so they must cost an arm and a leg). With our knowledge and resources, we built an eCommerce platform that provides high quality products and the offers the consumer confidence that the product purchased is an exact replacement in form/fit/function as the filament bulb they wanted to replace. Simple. 


Why can't it be that easy? IT CAN.

At Aero-Lites, we strive to provide to performance-driven, value-centric, direct replacement LED light bulb solutions. Whether it is a product you buy, or the customer-centric service we are committed to offer, or both; shop with the confidence that we are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Please browse our website and webstore if you are in the market for LED miniature, sealed-beam or application specific replacements that are as easy to buy as they are to install! 

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