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High Performance PAR46 Sealed Beam Retrofit



Our high-performance FUSION 46LR aircraft grade LED is a guaranteed fit LED replacement PAR46 sealed beam lamp. Engineered to out-perform EVERYTHING on the market, but available at a pricepoint inclusive to anyone in the market for an aviation grade LED replacement. 18 3-watt CREE XP-E LED chips develop a stunning 5,200 lumens. Our proprietary lens is designed to include a spreader optic on four LEDs to facilitate close-proximity flood lighting which effectively eliminates the "hotspot" beam and transitions the spot smoothly to the peripheral. Engineered as a direct replacement for ALL ANSI PAR 46 legacy lamps requiring 12-28VDC. 

USES: Headlights, Spotlights, Aircraft Landing, Recognition, Beacon


GE 4522, 4551, 4553, 4554, 4570, 4571,  4580, 4581, 4582

The Aero-Form LED Advantage: Why choose our LEDs vs legacy sealed beams? 


  • No matter the application, our LED sealed beams are rated for continuous duty-cycle utilization, while emitting negligible radiant heat profile. This feature encourages operators to use the lamp without fear of damage to heat sensitive acrylic light covers, potential for personal injury from burns due to contact with the lamp, or worse case scenarios where collision accidents may compromise the glass envelope of filament style lamps and pose a fire hazard or even explosions if in proximity to volatile compound like fuel and other combustible chemicals.

  • The brightness of LED lamps makes an optimum solution when the lamp is utilized as a signaling/recognition light. The extreme concentration of the light emitted from our lamps is consistent with that of the sun (similar to the reflection of the Sun on an object such as a mirror or reflective glass). This intense brightness is significantly more visible and significantly increases recognition even during the brightest daylight conditions. 

  • Our LED sealed beams are not affected by on/off power cycles and the instant illumination of the led when power is applied significantly increases visual stimulation toward the light source. This feature is critical for applications requiring the lamps to pulse/flash for enhanced recognition. *Data has proven that alternating flash patterns measurably reduce bird strike occurrences for aerial applications. 


  • Our LED direct replacement lamps exclusively feature genuine USA-made CREE chips and requires less than 1/5th of the power of the filament type lamps that they replace. This significant reduction in current makes available valuable electrical current for reduced load on charging systems and batteries, which ensures reserve electrical capacity for other critical appliances such as communication/navigation equipment.

  • The light output of legacy sealed beams is a function of the input voltage. During low engine RPM conditions your charging system may not be able to sustain the required 14 or 28 volts required per the lamp specs, so your sealed beams lamps are likely producing much less than the spec'd light output. Our LED retrofit products feature constant current regulation and produce the same stable light output at any voltage as low as 10-Volts up to 30-Volts DC to eliminate degraded light output in low-voltage situations. 


  • Each sealed beam lamp we distribute features durable powder coated aluminum alloy heat sink housings for efficient heat dissipation and maximum protection from chemical, salt spray and moisture exposure.

  • UV-resistant poly-carbonate lenses are virtually indestructible and can be cleaned and polished for years of trouble-free utilization.  

  • Epoxy potted heavy duty brass electrical terminals feature stainless steel SAE 8-32 thread wire termination screws to insure excellent mechanical bonding from the circuit wiring to the lamp input terminals. 

  • Where many legacy sealed beams are factory rated at 25 hours service life in the most ideal situation, our LED replacements will likely outlive the vehicle on which it is installed considering their design service life exceeding 10,000 hours. Since our LED are not affected by vibration, you will eliminate the aggravation of premature lamp failures and the expense of repetitive replacement of burned out lamps. 

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