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FUSION 46LR | PAR46 9,750LM LED Replacement Lamp 14/28VDC

Meet our redesigned 2nd generation FUSION 46 high-performance 9,750 Lumen LED replacement lamp for 12V & 28V PAR46 (5.75" dia) sealed beam light bulbs. As the name implies, the FUSION 46 utilizes a hybrid lens with both linear spreader optics on four LEDs (facilitates close-proximity flood lighting ) and also a high output 8 degree spot beam optic (for enhanced distance lighting). This design gradually blends the peripheral lighting to effectively eliminate the "hotspot" to shear darkness that is common in other bulbs in the market. Now standard with our PolyArmour Hardcoat Lens Protectant.

*Not FAA-PMA/TSO Approved


​Replaces ANSI Bulb Codes: 4522, 4537, 4551, 4553, 4554, 4570, 4571,  4580, 4581, 4582

Replaces OEM Lamps: Wagner 4049, 4049S; KC-2627; Q-Beam 802-1700-0, 802-1718-0, 802-1717-0


100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year limited warranty.



FUSION 46LR | PAR46 9,750LM LED Replacement Lamp 14/28VDC

  • Specifications:

    ANSI SIZE: PAR46 (5.75"dia)


    Power: 125 Watts

    8.90 Amps @ 14VDC Max

    LUMENS: 9,750 Max
    BEAM DIVERGENCE: 8° Vertical, 8° Horizontal
    LIGHT COLOR: 5,700K
    LAMP COMPOSITION: Powder Coated Al alloy housing; PMMA Optic; UV Resistant PC Lens with PolyArmour Lens Coating
    DUTY CYCLE: Continuous, Flasher Compatible
    DESIGN LIFESPAN: 10,000hrs
    ENVIRONMENTAL: Water, Shock, Chemical Resistant
    DIMENSIONS: 5.71" dia x 3.08" depth
    THERMAL PROTECTION: SmarTemp - Temperature Dependedent Intensity Decrement
    WEIGHT: 1.38 Pounds
    WIRE TERMINATION: 8-32SAE Stainless machine screws included
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