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#303, #623, #1251 LED Replacement | 28V

Exact dimensional led replacement for 24/28-Volt globe-shaped Single-Contact Bayonet base bulbs (Ba15s). Compatible with both AC and DC electrical systems. Will fit all applications requiring a BA15S base style, but specifically used as a retrofit for applications requiring a low-profile bulb where a standard size bulb will not fit. Common uses are panel backlighting, signaling, overhead map, reading and dome light fixtures. This led is dimmable and works with standard "base ground" or reverse polarity "positive ground" applications without any modifications.


**Save 10% by ordering 10-packs


Note regarding voltage selection:

  • Order 28-volt version if application incorporates a dimmer control (other than PWM dimmer). The brightness of this bulb changes as a function of the voltage (lower voltage=lower brightness; increase voltage = higher brightness). *Supply voltage over 28-volts may affect lifespan of led.
  • Order 10-30 volt version (25% brighter) if dimming NOT required; OR for dimmable applications, a PWM dimmer control is required. 10-30 volt models maintains constant brightness at any voltage between 10 and 30 volts, which eliminates fluctuations in light output with voltage changes. Also this model internally regulates voltage/current, which eliminates issues with early failures due to poorly regulated voltage supplys. This model also allows installers the ability to keep a single model for use in either 12-volt or 28-volt installations, thus reducing inventory stores. 



Voltage: 28V AC/DC; 10-30V

Dimmable: YES (28-volt: voltage-dependent intensity decrement; 10-30 volt: PWM drivers)

Base Style: BA15S (Single contact)

Bulb Shape: G6 (globe shape)

Lifespan: 30,0000hrs

Polarity: Bi-polar

Dimensions: 1.25"Length x 0.73"Dia

Applications: Aircraft, Automotive, Golf Carts, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Industrial, RV

Certifications: RoHS Compliant, CE

Replaces commercial bulb codes: 301, 303, 303X, 509, 623, 1251, MS15570-623, MS15570-1251, MS15570-303, General Motors 190877, Komatsu 08110-12410, 41G-06-13230, CE15

UPC: Bright White; 619317695580


#303, #623, #1251 LED Replacement | 28V

PriceFrom $6.95
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