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#304, #624, #1252 | 28V LED Replacement | BA15D Base

Exact dimensional LED replacement for the  #304 28V AC/DC Globe shaped Double-contact Bayonet base bulbs. Engineered for compatibility with both AC and DC circuits. Much brighter than filament bulb and virtually no heat emmision. Will fit all applications requiring a Ba15D base style, but specifically used as a retrofit for applications requiring a low-profile bulb where a standard size bulb will not fit. Common uses are control panel backlighting, signaling, overhead map and dome light fixtures, as well as convenience and cargo bay lighting. 


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Voltage: 10-30V AC/DC

Current: 80mA @ 14VDC / 40mA @40mA @28VDC

Dimmable: YES (PWM dimmers only)

Base Style: BA15D (double contact)

Bulb Shape: G6 (dome shape)

Lifespan: 30,0000hrs

Polarity: Bi-polar

Dimensions: 1.22"Length x 0.7"Dia

Applications: Aircraft, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Industrial, RV, Bowling

Certifications: RoHS Compliant, CE

Replaces Bulb #'s: #304, #624, #1252


#304, #624, #1252 | 28V LED Replacement | BA15D Base

PriceFrom $6.95
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