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#94, 1004, 1142, 1076 LED Replacement Nav/Signal Lamp | BA15D Bulb Base

A premium high-performance LED equivalent bulb for 12-Volt Ba15D base (double-contact bayonet base) filament bulbs commonly found in marine navigation light assemblies. This base style can be identified by the opposed indexing tabs with dual electrical contacts on the bottom of the metal base.  Engineered as a high intensity signaling lamp fitted with industry leading CREE XP-G3 emmiters. This lamp features stabilized light intensity ( voltage range 10-30 volts DC) which eliminates light intensity fluctuations with supply voltage changes (ie. constant brightness when switching between battery voltage to alternator/generator voltage).   Various color options allow color matching lens covers for richer color saturation and color purity.   Up to 80% reduced power consumption when compared to the filament equivalent lamps.

*Not intended for use in aircraft flashing beacons.


Helpful Hints:

Bright White is not recommended for use behing tinted (red/green) lens covers. For optimum color saturation, match the led light color to the lens color. Or, select Warm White which can be used with any lens color and retain the proper chromaticity, consistent with the OEM filament bulb. Warm White may be ideal for use as a spare bulb because you may install it beneath any lens color. 




  • Supply Voltage Range: 10-30V DC
  • Watts: 3.18watts (30 watt equivalent)
  • Current: 0.23 amps @14VDC
  • Base Style: BA15D (double contact: one contact power; one contact ground)
  • Lumens: 300lm
  • Lifespan: 30,0000hrs
  • Polarity protected: YES
  • Dimensions: 1.87"Length x 0.8"Dia
  • Certifications: N/A

Replaces commercial bulbs: 94, 1004, 1142, 1152, 1156DC, 1076, 1076IF, 1176, 1376, 2057, MS15584-2


#94, 1004, 1142, 1076 LED Replacement Nav/Signal Lamp | BA15D Bulb Base

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