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#81, #63, GM 142303 | 6-Volt LED Replacement

Exact dimensional LED replacement for 6~7 Volt AC/DC globe shaped single-contact bayonet base bulbs (Ba15s).  Commonly used in vintage automobiles for panel backlighting, signaling, overhead map and dome light fixtures.  Operates with standard "base ground" or reverse polarity "positive ground" applications without any modifications.


*Save 10% by ordering 10-packs. 


Replaces commercial bulb codes: #81, #63, GM 142303, ABC344



Certifications: RoHS, CE

Voltage: 6.5-Volt AC/DC

Wattage: 0.80watts

Current: 125mA @6.5V

Light Color: Bright White, Warm White, Red, Amber

Dimmable: YES (voltage-dependent intensity decrement)

Base Style: BA15S (Single contact)

Bulb Shape: G6 (globe shape)

Lumens: 110lm

Lifespan: 30,0000hrs

Polarity: Bi-polar

Dimensions: 1.25"Length x 0.73"Dia


#81, #63, GM 142303 | 6-Volt LED Replacement

PriceFrom $6.95
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