Our LED replacement bulb for #330 incandescent bulbs is a guaranteed drop-in replacement for the original filament bulbs. Unlike similar led replacements offered by other aircraft part retailers, our lamps are dimmable (reduce input voltage= bulb dims, increase input voltage= brightness increases) and we manufacture them in multiple light colors to give you more application specific options. (and 30% lower price and no minimum order!).  


Bi-polar power/ground, brighter than incandescent, emits no heat, virtually uses no power and projected life of over 30,000 hours; these are a no-brainer when upgrading your panel lighting. ​


USES: Instrument post lights, Landing Gear Position Indicators, Press-to-test lights, Control panel indicators, flash lights​


REPLACES: #330 , #382 , #394 , WL-330 , 472-037 , 472-054 , MS25237-330 , 12000-0009


Note: This bulb is NOT polarity sensitive. It will illuminate with both power/ground combinations. 



    #330 12VDC LED Replacement 382 394 WL-330 472-037 472-054 MS25237-330 12000-0009


      • Light Colors: Bright White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue
      • Lamp Shape: T1 3/4 (5mm)
      • Base Style: Midget Flange
      • Voltage: 12/14VDC
      • Polarity: Bi-Polar
      • Dimmable: YES (voltage-dependent intensity decrement; PWM drivers)
      • *Reduced current draw of LED may narrow the effective dimming range when used with rheostat-type dimmer controls)
      • Wattage: 0.2
      • Current: 0.02mA
      • Length: 0.65"
      • Diameter: 0.24"
      • Average Bulb Life: 50,000 hr.
      • Certifications: N/A
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