LED equivalent bulb for 12/14-Volt Single-Contact Midget Flanged filament bulbs. This led is not sensitive to polarity and are dimmable (reduce input voltage= bulb dims, increase input voltage= brightness increases). Multiple light color variations to give you more application specific options. No heat, virtually uses no power and projected life of over 30,000 hours. This is a simple, low-cost and long-term solution to more efficient and more reliable lighting compared to the inefficient failure-prone incandescents variants. 


Hint: General rule is to match the light color to the lens color for indicator application.


Filament cross reference: #330 , #382 , #394 , WL-330 , 472-037 , 472-054 , MS25237-330 , 12000-0009




    #330 14-Volt Midget Flange Replacements

    CURRENT: 20mA; 0.2watts
    BULB SHAPE: T1 3/4
    BASE: S.C. MF
    POLARITY: Bi-Polar
    DIMMING: Yes; Voltage Dependent
    LENGTH: 0.65"
    DIAMETER: 0.24"
    LIGHT COLOR: Bright White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue
    APPLICATIONS: Aircraft, Annuciator,  Indicator, Flashlight
    RATED LIFE(hrs): 50,000
    CROSS REFERENCE: 330, 382, 394, 472-037, MS25237-330, 472-054,12000-0009


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