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LED Dual-Mode Constant/Strobe Nav Light Bulb Kit

Plug and play LED replacement nav/position bulbs with integrated dual-mode feature:

Simply apply power once for constant mode or cycle the switch to engage strobe mode. To return to continuous mode, cycle the switch again.


Product Option: (Price will update only after all options are selected) Bulbs may be ordered in a set of three (Red/Green/White), or individually.

  • Lense option: One lens per bulb ordered (set of three bulbs with lens option includes 2 clear replacement lenses for wingtips (+$20.00). We do not sell a replacement lens for the taillight fixture.
  • Lens gasket(s): Each bulb purchase includes a new lens gasket. Bulb kits include 3 gaskets; Single bulb purchase includes 1 gasket.


*Not FAA/PMA Approved. Intended for non-certified applications only


Wingtip LED Replaces Bulb #'s: 1512, 1524, A4174-24, A7512-12, A7512-24, W1290-14, W1290-28, 7079B-12, 7079B-24, MS25309-751

Tailfin LED Replaces Bulb #'s:  93, 305, 307, 309 , 311 , 1073 , 1203, 1665, 1680, 1691, 1777, 982 , MS35478-307




LED Dual-Mode Constant/Strobe Nav Light Bulb Kit

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Specifications:

    Voltage: 10-30VDC
    Power/ea: 1.60 Watts/ea
    Current Draw/ea: 0.14 Amps/ea @12V
    Bulb Base - Wingtip (Red/Green): BAY15S (Indexed Bayonet)
    Bulb Base - Tail (White) BA15S (S.C. Bayonet)


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