High output LED Miniature Bayonet Base (Ba9s) replacement lamp for 28-volt  T4-1/2 "tube-shaped" filament bulbs.  Emitting 90+ lumens, this is an ideal replacement for flood lighting larger areas such as dome lights or as a signaling/marker light replacement. This led is dimmable and works with standard "base ground" or reverse polarity "positive ground" applications without any modifications.


Dimming not required? Click Here to order our brightest BA9s base LED drop-in replacement 



Certifications: RoHS, CE

ase Type: BA9s (Miniature Bayonet, Single Contact)

Bulb Shape: T3-1/4

Voltage: 28vdc

Current draw: 49mA

Lumens: 90

Polarity Sensitive: NO

Dimmable: YES (voltage-dependent intensity decrement; PWM drivers)

*Reduced current draw of LED may narrow the effective dimming range when used with rheostat-type dimmer controls)

Beam Angle: 360 degrees

Replaces Stock Bulb: , 1820 , 1495 , 1495X , 313 , 1829 , 1864 , 757 , 1437 , 1843, 1819 , 1873


#1495, #313, #1829, #1820, #1864 | LED Replacement 28VDC | DIMMABLE

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