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#306 308 1692 LED Flood Replacement | BA15D Base | 28V

LED equivalent bulb for 28V Ba15D (double-contact bayonet base) filament bulbs. Compatible for AC and DC circuits.   Best suited for flood lighting appplications, this series incorporates a diffuser lens cover over the LED to eliminate any "hotspots" in the light projection for a smooth omni-directional illumination.

Note regarding voltage selection:

  • Order 28-volt version if application incorporates a dimmer control (other than PWM dimmer). The brightness of this bulb changes as a function of the voltage (lower voltage=lower brightness; increase voltage = higher brightness). *Supply voltage over 28-volts may affect lifespan of led.
  • Order 10-30 volt version (25% brighter) if dimming NOT required; OR for dimmable applications, a PWM dimmer control is required. 10-30 volt models maintains constant brightness at any voltage between 10 and 30 volts, which eliminates fluctuations in light output with voltage changes. Also this model internally regulates voltage/current, which eliminates issues with early failures due to poorly regulated voltage supplys. This model also allows installers the ability to keep a single model for use in either 12-volt or 28-volt installations, thus reducing inventory stores.


Commercial bulb equivalents: 306, 308, 1204, 1638, 1662, 1666, 1692 , 30T8


Certifications: RoHS, CE

Part Number: AL-306 [-CW, -WW, -R]

Base Style: D.C. Bayonet (Ba15D)

Shape: S8

Nominal Voltage: 28-Volt

Current: 85mA @ 28-Volt

Dimensions: M.O.L.: 1.75"; M.O.D.: 0.80"

Color Temperature: 6,000k

Dimmable: Yes
Applications: Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, RV, Bus


#306 308 1692 LED Flood Replacement | BA15D Base | 28V

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