#94, 1142, 1156DC LED Replacement 12/14VDC | BA15D Bulb Base

LED equivalent bulb for 12-Volt Ba15D base (Double-contact Bayonet Base) filament bulbs. Variants of thes bulb spec are used in numerous industrial and commercial applications, but we developed  this bulb with dimming requirements in mind. Virtually no other LED's on the market incorporate discrete dimming circuitry. Incredibly bright at 300 lumens, draws as little as 145 milliamps and fully dimmable with any rheostat or solid-state dimmer control. We incorporated a diffuser lens cover over the LED to eliminate any "hotspots" in the light projection for a smooth omni-directional illumination. 



Order 12VDC version if application requires dimming with rheostat or potentiometer dimmer.

Order 10-30VDC version (25% brighter) if dimming NOT required OR if using with PWM dimmers)



Certifications: RoHS, CE

  • Voltage: 12/14VDC
  • Current: 145mA @14VDC
  • Light Color: COOL WHITE, RED
  • Dimmable: YES (12VDC: voltage-dependent intensity decrement // 10-30VDC: PWM drivers)

  • Base Style: BA15D (double contact: one contact power; one contact ground)
  • Lumens: 300lm
  • Lifespan: 30,0000hrs
  • Polarity protected: YES
  • Dimensions: 1.87"Length x 0.8"Dia
  • Certifications: N/A

Replaces commercial bulbs: 94, 1004, 1142, 1152, 1156DC, 1076, 1076IF, 1176, 1376, 2057


#94, 1142, 1156DC LED Replacement 12/14VDC | BA15D Bulb Base