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#94, 1142, MS15584-2 LED Flood Replacement | BA15D Base | 12V

LED equivalent bulb for 12-Volt Ba15D base (double-contact bayonet base) filament bulbs. This base style can be identified by the opposed indexing tabs with dual electrical contacts on the bottom of the metal base.  Ideal for flood lighting application ( not ideal for signaling) due to  opaque polycarbonate lens diffuser that "smooths" the light projection for balances omnidirectional flood lighting. Sealed design suitable for damp environments. Compatible with variable voltage dimming controls.  Up to 90% reduced power consumption. Negligible radiant heat. 



Order 12VDC version if application requires dimming with rheostat or potentiometer dimmer.

Order 10-30VDC version (25% brighter) if dimming NOT required OR if using with PWM dimmers)



Certifications: RoHS, CE

  • Voltage: 12/14VDC
  • Current: 145mA @14VDC
  • Light Color: COOL WHITE, RED
  • Dimmable: YES (12VDC: voltage-dependent intensity decrement // 10-30VDC: PWM drivers)

  • Base Style: BA15D (double contact: one contact power; one contact ground)
  • Lumens: 300lm
  • Lifespan: 30,0000hrs
  • Polarity protected: YES
  • Dimensions: 1.87"Length x 0.8"Dia
  • Certifications: N/A

Replaces commercial bulbs: 94, 1004, 1142, 1152, 1156DC, 1076, 1076IF, 1176, 1376, 2057, MS15584-2


#94, 1142, MS15584-2 LED Flood Replacement | BA15D Base | 12V

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