PAR36 S-T | LED Taxi/Flood Beam (1,500lm)

The PAR36 S-T model is a low to medium output LED and is the optimum LED replacement for 30-100watt filament/halogen PAR36 glass sealed beam lamps. The light output (1,500 lumens) is consistent with the output of 100-watt filament lamps, but requires only 14-watts of power which allows the lamp to be a suitable electrical replacement for even the lowest wattage sealed beam bulbs which can increase your usable light by a factor of 3X's! The lamp features a 45°hor x 10°vert beam profile, which is optimum for close-range forward and peripheral illumination. No excuses fit that conforms to virtually all PAR36 critical parameters Including form, fit & function. Our customer base demands only the best and we deliver! Each lamp we distribute is a guaranteed no-excuse fit, RFI/EMI-free and features aircraft grade components consistent with lamps many times the cost. Low current draw, no heat, and a design life exceeding 10,000 hours. ​

*Not FAA-PMA/TSO Approved

By selling direct to consumers, we are able to offer this high performance lamp for a fraction of the cost of competitors, while providing industry leading in-house customer support.


Replaces ANSI Bulb Codes: 4406, 4410, 4411, 4415, 4466, 4502, 4519, 4589, 4593, 4627, 4411-3, H7606, H7610, H7614

Primary Applications: Aircraft Flood, Aircraft Refueling, Aircraft Taxi, Fog Light, Marine Flood, Military Headlamp, Tractor Flood, Reverse/Backup Flood100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year limited warranty.


100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year limited warranty.



PAR36 S-T | LED Taxi/Flood Beam (1,500lm)

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  • Specifications:

    PART #: PAR36TR1 Rev.A
    ANSI SIZE: PAR36 (4.5" dia)
    VOLTAGE: 10-30VDC
    WATTAGE: 30-100 watt equivalent
    CURRENT: 1.0A @14VDC; 0.50A @28VDC
    LUMENS: 1,500
    BEAM ANGLE: 45°hor x 10°vert
    LIGHT COLOR: 5,700K
    POLARITY: Negative Ground
    DUTY CYCLE: Continuous, Flasher Compatible
    DESIGN LIFESPAN: 10,000hrs