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Panel Mount Rotary Dimmer  | 12/28V Compatible

Panel mount solid-state light dimmer control with ON/OFF feature. This remarkably small dimmer control is compatible with 6~28V electrical systems and rated for up to 4 amps current load. The innovative design does NOT function like a conventional rheostat or potentiometer dimmer control. This is a variable voltage output  intelligent dimmer that has 20 incremental  dimming levels (5%~100%) with memory of the last dimming level via press-ON/press-OFF circuit interrupt. This feature allows the user to press the dimmer ON and the light will be at the exact brightness level from the previous cycle. Conventional dimmers with ON/OFF feature require the user to manually adjust the brightness all the way from the OFF detent and up to the desired level each and every time the light circuit is used. This can not only be distracting, but also risks desensitizing your night vision by inadvertently increasing the light intensity too high when setting the appropriate light level intensity. The rotary function on this dimmer control is not 1-to-1, so inadvertent quick twists of the knob will not change the intensity. Rather, the user should make slow and deliberate rotation of the knob while cycling through the 20 dimming levels. If the novelty of quickly rotating the knob back and forth and expecting the light to increase/decrease in a linear fashion relative to the position of the knob is your expectation, this is NOT the dimmer control for you.

*Also includes a small diameter dimmer knob.

*Not compatible with 10-30V led bulbs; must be used with single-voltage incandescent and/or LED bulbs

Panel Mount Rotary Dimmer | 12/28V Compatible

  • Specifications:

    Input Voltage: 6V~28VDC
    Current: 4amps
    Wire termination: 10" 20AWG flying leads
    Panel Thickness: 0.20"
    Through hole dia: 0.35"
    Overall dimensions:

    0.75" dia x 0.75" depth (behind panel)


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