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#1940, WRM-44-12,  #1939X LED Replacement Beacon Bulb | 10-30V

LED equivalent for high output filament-type Ba15s bayonet style bulbs used in aircraft, emergency vehicles and marine navigation applications. This  high-output LED replacement features industry leading genuine USA made CREE XP-G3 chips which cast a piercing bright light unmatched by anything else in the market. Power consumption for this LED is a mere 0.3amps versus a staggering 3.57amps for the original 50watt bulb. 


*Note regarding light color:

It is ideal to choose a light color that matches the lens color to retain the saturation of the color (ie: red lens = red LED). Otherwise Warm White LEDs are best to retain the color saturation with other color lenses. Bright White is only suggested for use with clear lenses or when no lens is covering the bulb. 



Voltage: 12/28V

Equivalent Wattage: 50 watts

Actual Wattage: 4.20watts
Base Style: BA15S (Single contact, Bayonet)
Lifespan: 30,0000hrs
Dimensions: 1.97"Length x 0.99"Dia

Applications: Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, RV

Replaces filament bulb #'s:

12VDC RA1940, 1940, WRM-1940, WRMK-44, WRM-44, WRM44-12 WRM-44KA, GE1940, 1940

24VDC: RA1939X, 1939X, WRM-1939, WRM-45, WRMK-45, GE1939X, 1939X, 751-457


RFI Disclaimer: Post installation; always test LED retrofits to ensure no adverse interference with radio/communication/navigation equipment is noted before return to service.


*FAQ's/End User Notice

#1940, WRM-44-12, #1939X LED Replacement Beacon Bulb | 10-30V

SKU: AL-1940-5XP
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