LED equivalent for the filament-type #1940 or #1939X bulbs*. Our high-performance replacement is incredibly bright at over 500 lumens and draws only 0.4amps, versus a staggering 3.57amps for the original 75watt bulb. 


Voltage: 10-30VDC
Light Color: COOL WHITE
Base Style: BA15S (Single contact, Bayonet)
Lifespan: 30,0000hrs
Dimensions: 1.97"Length x 0.99"Dia

Applications: Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, RV

Replaces filament bulb #'s:

12VDC RA1940, 1940, WRM-1940, WRMK-44, WRM-44, WRM-44KA, GE1940,1940

24VDC: RA1939X, 1939X, WRM-1939, WRM-45, WRMK-45, GE1939X, 1939X, 751-457


RFI Disclaimer: Post installation; always test LED retrofits to ensure no adverse interference with radio/communication/navigation equipment is noted before return to service.

*Not FAA/PMA Approved

*FAQ's/End User Notice

#1940 #1939X LED Replacement Bulb

SKU: AL-1940-3D
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