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#327, #387 Midget Flanged LED Replacement | 28V

Premium LED equivalent bulb for 28V midget-flanged filament bulbs, compatible with both DC and AC electrical systems. This led incorporates a single, SMD (surface mount diode) with the chip height consistent with the filament height on the incandescent-style bulb; this allows the light to radiate in all directions for a balanced illumination ideal for use as a replacement for panel mounted post lights and other flood lighting applications (*If retrofitting annunciators, press-to-test indicators, master warning panels, etc we recommend  our INDICATOR variation of this bulb). Compatible with both negative ground and positive groud applications. Compatible with most dimmer controls (reduce input voltage = light output decreases; increase input voltage = brightness increases).


*Dimming circuits incorporating a rheostat/variable resistor may reduce the dimming range of the led due to the decrease in current required by the led.


Multiple light color variations to give you more application specific options. More total light output, low heat, decreased power consumption and projected life of over 30,000 hours. This is a simple, low-cost and long-term solution to more efficient and more reliable lighting compared to the inefficient failure-prone incandescent variants. 


Save $$ by ordering multi-packs

Hint: General rule is to match the light color to the lens color for indicator application.


Replaces commercial bulb numbers: #327, #376 , #387, #6034, #729, #727, #7341, S3368-2, AN3140-327, MS25237-327



#327, #387 Midget Flanged LED Replacement | 28V

PriceFrom $5.69
  • Specifications:

    CURRENT: 25mA; 0.7watts
    BULB SHAPE: T1 3/4
    BASE: S.C. MF
    POLARITY: Bi-Polar
    DIMMING: Yes; Voltage Dependent, 
    LENGTH: 0.65"
    DIAMETER: 0.24"
    LIGHT COLOR: Bright White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue
    APPLICATIONS: Aircraft, Annuciator,  Indicator, Flashlight
    RATED LIFE(hrs): 50,000
    CROSS REFERENCE: 327, 376 , 387, S3368-2, AN3140-327, MS25237-327
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