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Dual-Color Flexible LED Strip Light - 14V & 28V

Building on our reputation for offering only premium direct replacement led retrofit solutions, our new catalog of innovative linear led task lighting products are a natural progression for innovative led lighting. 


Our new dual-channel red/white flexible strips feature an innovate design that allows one strip to independently control both a white light circuit and also a red light circuit. This product is incredibly versatile and virtually infinite applications due to the minimal cut lengths (2.5" per segment).

Our dual-channel strips are far from a generic strip light; This model is custom manufactured and engineered for use with 14VDC (28VDC) regulated voltage supplies. Virtually every other linear led product in the worldwide market is designed for 12-volt power supplies or 24-volt power supplies. This is  because linear strip lighting is predominantly used in home and/or commercial lighting applications where the 120VAC wall power is converted to 12VDC via a small "wall wort-style" converter. 


Although aircraft, marine and vehicle electrical systems incorporate a "12-Volt or 24-Volt" battery, the actual output voltage of the alternator/generator will regulate at approximately 14V or 28V, respectively, in order to properly charge the battery. LED lighting is EXTREMELY sensitive to voltage and current, so operating an led above the rated voltage/current spec will almost certainly cause premature failure of the light assembly. 


If no options are chosen, you will receive a single, continuous length with no wire leads (Up to 15ft). It will require soldering to attach wire leads to the strip (wire leads not included).

Dual-Color Flexible LED Strip Light - 14V & 28V

PriceFrom $59.00
  • Specifications (14VDC):

    Operating Voltage: 14VDC
    Wattage/ft: White: 1.31watts/ft; Red: 1.40watts/ft
    Light Color: White - 4,000k Natural White; Red: 630nm
    Dimensions: 0.40" width x 0.12" height x 15ft max uncut length
    Cut Interval: 2.5 inches
    LEDs per cut interval: 4ea red; 4ea white
    Mounting: Integrated 3M High Strength 300LSE Acrylic Adhesive (peel and stick)
    Environmental: IP65 - Waterproof (when installed per instructions)


  • Product Supplements:

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