Our new Evolution Series nav/position/strobe assemblies are true to form, direct replacement for legacy fixtures that utilize not only inefficient, but also failure prone filament-type fixtures. Each assembly incorporates a forward position light (red/green) as well as a high-intensity LED strobe/anti-collision light. 

The Evolution wingtip assemblies are engineered to the exact dimensions as legacy fixtures (nav only or nav/strobe combo) to ensure perfect fit which eliminates any extra drilling or time consuming paint touchup and/or bodywork. With the included external mounting base, each assembly can quickly install with installer supplied machine or sheet metal screws. 



Evolution Series - LED Nav/Strobe Assemblies

  • Integrated anti-collision strobe - instantly add safety/visibility enhancing strobes without the hassle of heavy, power hungry remote mounted strobe power supplies. 
  • Direct replacement fixtures - eliminates extra drilling and paint/bodywork time and cost.
  • Eliminate recurrent maintenance time/cost - designed to perform for thousands of hours which eliminates time and cost associated with legacy filament bulbs and strobe tubes/power supplies. 
  • Extreme LED brightness - many times  brighter than legacy filament products.
  • Low current - Brighter, but draws a fraction of the current of the legacy nav and strobe lights
  • No external power supplies - Reduces weight. Requires only power (10-30vdc) and ground with optional sync wire for strobe syncronization if desired). 
  • EMI/RFI-Free - No more frustrating audio noise from high current and/or high voltage strobe power supplies.
  • Low voltage - only requires buss voltage, which eliminates chances of elecrical shock from high voltage power supplies while performing maintenance. 
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