#1414, #1416, #57 | High Output LED Replacement 12/14VDC | DIMMABLE

High output LED Miniature Bayonet Base (Ba9s) replacement lamp for 12/14-volt  T4-1/2 "tube-shaped" filament bulbs.  Emitting 90+ lumens, this is an ideal replacement for flood lighting larger areas such as dome lights or as a signaling/marker light replacement. This led is dimmable (brightness decreases as voltage measured at the bulb decreases)and works with standard "base ground" or reverse polarity "positive ground" applications without any modifications. 


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Base Type: Ba9s (Miniature Bayonet, Single Contact)

Bulb Shape: T4-1/2

Voltage:  12/14vdc

Wattage: 1.37 watts

Current draw: 98mA

Lumens: 90

Polarity Sensitive: NO

Dimmable: YES (voltage-dependent intensity decrement; PWM drivers)

*Reduced current draw of LED may narrow the effective dimming range when used with rheostat-type dimmer controls)

Beam Angle: 360 degrees

Certifications: RoHS, CE

Replaces Stock Bulb: 1247, 1414, 1416, 1813, 1815, 1816, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1895A, 216, 293, 356, 363, 3886X, 3893, 57, 57R, 6253, 64111, 64113, 64115, 756


#1414, #1416, #57 | High Output LED Replacement 12/14VDC | DIMMABLE